For Leaders

For Leaders

"Leadership Does Not Reside In a Title"

The need for individuals to lead has never been more critical, or more lacking, than it is today. According to various surveys, the majority of employees in the workplace today are disengaged and demotivated.

The root cause of most disengagement is a lack of effective leadership behaviors, which has created negative cultural and financial implications on organizations.

While we certainly believe that individuals in positions of authority can behave badly, we believe that the term "bad leader" is an oxymoron. That is because we hold the definition of what it means to be a leader to a higher standard.

Let us work with you and your organization to identify and develop the behaviors needed to live up to the title: "Leader"

Our approaches help individuals to identify, outline and develop behaviors and strategies that inspire others to want to say "yes" to their approaches.

Whether a healthcare organization, a sales organization or any other type of organization, we know the behaviors and strategies that develop leaders.

Patrick Veroneau has raised the ceiling on reentering the workforce as a guest speaker for the Unemployed Professionals Group. The following is feedback from a satisfied client: "The last meeting on interviewing really helped - I asked a lot of questions and helped direct the interviewer." As a result of Patrick's presentation the client was offered a position. The amazing thing though, is the offer was for 15% more than the client made at their last position! Thank you Patrick!

Cindy E.

Career Counselor Maine Department of Labor

As both a consultant and product specialist, I have had the pleasure of working with Bill since 2008 in differing capacities across multiple businesses. With a responsive and client centric approach, Bill brings the highest level of professionalism to his interactions. He continually fosters industry relationships to add value, expand communication, and seek positive outcomes. It is without hesitation that I recommend Bill, and the Emery Leadership Group, for professional coaching and organizational leadership initiatives. I know they will always strive to exceed expectations, meet committed goals, and deliver an exceptional experience.

Cynthia S.

(21 years of financial institution and regulatory oversight experience in both Vermont & New Hampshire)