For Selling Success

The keys to sales success involve:

  • Development of emotionally intelligent behaviors
  • A solid understanding and display of social intelligence
  • Understanding of the science behind why people say "yes" or "no" to our requests

We work with both sales professionals and sales managers in maximizing their sales performance regardless of their level of experience.

Our prior backgrounds as sales representatives, managers, mentors and trainers have allowed us to connect with our clients as partners in their success.

Bill has provided valuable advice and insights as I have been working to build my consulting business and dealing with some difficult decisions. His unique perspective makes him an especially good sounding board for ideas, potential strategies, etc. I especially appreciate that he focuses not just on the business side of my life, but also on my self-management - e.g. always reminding me to plan vacations, take time to relax in nature, etc. He holds me accountable for the commitments that I make and, by having to report to him during our sessions, I find that I am able to spend time the needed on these important but not urgent actions which, in the long run, will move me in the direction that I want to go.

Rob B.

Patrick is an exceptionally skilled and dedicated professional. He possesses not only a keen level of integrity, honorability and genuine passion for his work, but he is truly a pleasure to know personally and professionally as well. Patrick is highly competent in all facets of his work as a coach, a sales executive and a business associate... and provides utmost quality and care in helping his clients reach optimum success, going the extra mile and offering a wealth of experience.

Hester W.

Pharmaceutical Company